Admissions of students without regard to race, color

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Lower Primary Department (IST – 4TH)

Lower Primary Department

In recent decades India has made significant progress on access to schooling and enrollment rates in primary education but dropout rates and low levels of learning remain challenges for the state and central governments. Primary school enrollment in India has been a success story, largely due to various programs and drives to increase enrollment even in remote areas.

Improving education is a critical area of investment and focus if the country wants to sustain economic growth and harness its young workforce. A weak foundation in primary education can derail the lives, careers, and productivity of tens of millions of its citizens. We all should contribute our part as well in improving the education system to make a significant difference.

Salient features of the pre-primary department are:

  • We train a student about Language [English].
  • We teach Mathematics with tricks to resolve the mathematical questions.
  • Social Environmental and Scientific Education is being provided.
  • Arts Education [Visual Arts, Drama, Music] are also being given to the students.
  • Physical Education is our way to train the student so as to make him/her fit for environment.
  • Social, Personal and Health Education is also being taught to the students.

Learning goals in a primary department:

  • Acquire literacy, numeracy, creativity and communication skills.
  • Enjoy learning and develop desire to continue learning.
  • Develop ability for critical thinking and logical judgment.
  • Appreciate and respect the dignity of work.
  • Develop desirable social standards, moral and religious values.
  • Develop into a self-disciplined, physically fit and healthy person.
  • Develop aesthetic values and appreciate own and other people’s cultures.
  • Develop awareness and appreciation of the environment.
  • Develop awareness of and appreciation for other nations and international community.
  • Instill respect and love for own country and the need for harmonious co-existence.
  • Develop individual talents.
  • Promote social responsibility and make proper use of leisure time.
  • Develop awareness and appreciation of the role of technology in national development.