Admissions of students without regard to race, color

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Pre – Primary / Kindergarten (LKG – UKG)


Education typically designed for children from 3 years of age to the start of primary school. The educational properties of pre-primary education are characterized by interaction with peers and educators, through which children improve their use of language and social skills, and start to develop logical and reasoning skills. Children are also introduced to alphabetical and mathematical concepts, and encouraged to explore their surrounding world and environment. Supervised gross motor activities (i.e. physical exercise through games and other activities) and play-based activities can be used as learning opportunities to promote social interactions with peers and to develop skills, autonomy and school readiness.

Salient features of the pre-primary department are:

  • A good head start for learning
  • Teaching in a fun filled way play method
  • Putting children on a path of lifelong learning
  • Higher development in language and mathematical skills.
  • A great opportunity to develop social skills.
  • Exposure to enhance communication skills.

Learning goals in a pre-primary school:

  • Children learn a great deal in preschool. The emphasis is on the cognitive development of the child as learning is due to practice and interaction in a big group.
  • Social interaction is the second most important feature of Pre-primary school education. The kids learn to interact with children of their own age in a supervised environment.
  • Playing with mud, holding crayons, practicing free coloring and writing on board helps in motor development of the children. Both fine motor & gross motor development takes place by the various activities performed in the classroom under the supervision of trained teachers.
  • The child is prepared for the curriculum of the structured schools.